Complementing Fine Arts: Folded Book Sculptures by Luciana Frigerio

In case you thought books are just for reading, well, here’s something we want to show you, that might exceed your expectations! We figured out that books are a wonderful way to express art. Yes, of course, a book is a piece of art itself, but bey…

Google 與 Disney 共同推出「尋找奧茲之旅」,帶你進入 Oz 的奇幻國度。

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Love Paradise-陳慧琳

Music:陳光榮 Arranger:陳光榮

*You’re always on my mind

All day just all the time

You’re everything to me

Brightest star to let me see

You touch me in my dreams

We kiss in every scene

I pray to be with you

through rain and shiny days*

#I’ll love you Till I die

Deep as sea Wide as sky

The beauty of our love paints rainbows

Everywhere we go

Need you all my life

You’re my hope You’re my pride

In your arms I find my heaven

In your eyes my sea and sky

May life be our love paradise#